• Les van ervaren musici
  • Speel jouw muziek met de docent die bij je past
  • Alleen of in een band, orkest of koor


Information in English

The Muziekpakhuis (The Music Warehouse): Space and room for your personal sound! Het Muziekpakhuis offers professional music lessons, accessible to everyone. We value a positive atmosphere in which you can develop yourself musically, at your own pace.

​​Who are our students?

Musicians aged between 0 to 100, of all levels, beginners and advanced, instrumentalists and singers playing individually or collectively in ensembles, bands or choirs, lovers of classical, pop, latin and jazz styles. Our professional teachers provide the lessons suited for you!

We are

Actively performing musicians who, in addition to having teaching expertise, pass on their stage experience as well. Our enthusiasm helps stimulate your development and joy in music making. More about us: http://www.muziekpakhuis.nl/aanbod/docenten


  • offer a wide range of classes and workshops for more than 25 different instruments.
  • create an environment in which you feel free to express yourself musically.
  • put your musical preferences and development in first place.
  • inspire and are passionate.
  • stimulate making music with other people on all levels.
  • hire professional venues to give concerts.
  • are located in the heart of Amsterdam, a 5-minute walk from Leidseplein.

Playing and singing together, concerts

Do you, besides taking individual lessons, enjoy making music with other people in workshops, bands, choirs, ensembles and special projects? We offer all of that! Each year, we organise several workshops and we have performed in famous venues such as the Bimhuis, Panama, Pakhuis Wilhelmina, Muziekgebouw aan het IJ, the Amstelkerk etc.

We offer

Classes for more than 25 different instruments of all levels. Have you chosen your instrument? Look on our website for alleen les (individual lessons) or samen les (group lessons). If you need help in making your choice please contact us: info@muziekpakhuis.nl or 020 - 627 02 02, weekdays between 11 am and 5 pm.

Try-out lessons

Not quite sure as to which instrument or teacher suits you? Take a (non-free) introductory lesson. You can apply for one directly at: http://muziekpakhuis.nl/inschrijven


Register and apply for lessons: http://www.muziekpakhuis.nl/inschrijven Do you want any help in filling in the form? Please contact our office: info@muziekpakhuis.nl or 020 - 627 02 02, weekdays between 11 am and 5 pm. You can start having lessons at any time of the year.


We have many foreign native language speakers amongst our teachers, from countries such as Germany, Argentina, Portugal, Italy, Australia, Finland etc. Most teachers are able to teach in English. And: “The language of music is universal”.


Prices for lessons differ per teacher and depend on your age and the duration of a lesson. You can find our teachers’ prices on our website. Go to an individual teacher’s page and find his or her prices on the right.

Foundation charges

Het Muziekpakhuis is a non-profit foundation. It charges an annual contribution (from the date you start). In return you get free coffee, tea and Wi-Fi and discounts at several music shops. You also help the foundation to cover some of its expenses.

The contribution is as follows: 
0 to 6-year-olds: € 20 per year

6 to 13-year-olds: € 30 per year

13 to 21-year-olds: € 40 per year

21 years and older: € 50 per year

Quotes from our students

"You get to play with other people really soon. After all, nothing is more fun than to make music together."

“As soon as you enter you feel embraced and you smell music.”

“Nothing but praise for the teachers. They take you seriously and make you give all you have.”

“Sometimes you amaze yourself.”

“If there is one thing I don’t regret it is having impulsively decided to learn to play an instrument.”


Please feel free to drop by, meet us and see our school. We have a cosy waiting room with delicious coffee and tea. For free advice visit our office on weekdays between 11 am and 5 pm. Keep an eye on our website to catch the latest news and upcoming events and get an impression of our concerts on Instagram.