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Masterclass oude muziek: The Hanseatic Way

Master courses and open rehearsals for music students
The Hanseatic way is een samenwerkingsproject van ensemble Canto Fiorito uit Litouwen en Musica Antiqua Salzburg uit Oosterijk

In dit project wordt de culturele (muzikale) uitwisseling en beïnvloeding onderzocht tussen hanzen steden in de jaren 1300 tot 1700. Het project bestaat uit een concertserie en een aantal educatieve programma`s. Het project wordt ondersteund door Europese subsidie.

Het Muziekpakhuis is trots dat ze een masterclass mag aanbieden. De masterclass is open voor alle leerlingen die ervaring hebben met oude muziek.

Instrumentalisten en zangers/essen

Over The Hanseatic Way

The project aims to spread knowledge about the music of the Hanseatic countries, created between the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, not only to the general public, but also to young music professionals – providing them with a much deeper insight into music styles, interpretation and performance during specially organised master courses and open rehearsals of the project. Master courses for music students will be led by three specialists of early music and experienced teachers – the artistic director of the project, cornetto and recorder player, Rodrigo Calveyra, sackbut player, Stefan Konzett and organ player, Davide Pozzi.

These master courses will be divided in two parts. The first part, with all the teachers and students together, will be a theoretical introduction to the music of Hanseatic countries with live music examples. The teachers will perform some pieces of the main concert programme, explaining the particularities of each country (England, the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Germany, Poland etc.), period (renaissance and baroque) and style of composition (polyphonic music, Venetian poly-choral tradition and seconda prattica)

In the second part of the master course, each teacher will give individual lessons or chamber music lessons, where students will perform pieces from the renaissance or baroque repertoire. Teachers will emphasise the principals of historically informed performance, teaching interpretation and stylistic features of early music. Rodrigo Calveyra will be in charge of students playing high melodic instruments (wind and strings) and singing, Stefan Konzett (sackbut) will be responsible for low melodic instruments and Davide Pozzi (organ) player will teach students with harmonic and keyboard instruments.

Music students as well as teachers and pupils from the music schools will also be invited to attend the open rehearsal of the project, so that they can see first-hand how early music professionals work to perform renaissance and baroque music and learn from their preparation process.

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